Triple Essence

cbd rollerball

Fractionated Coconut oil infused with CBD, Essential Oils and Gemstones

We’ve named our product “Triple Essence” because of the blend of gemstones, essential oils and CBD. This combination is not a promotional gimmick to sell product. Our bodies have an endo-cannabinoid system consisting of cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body. These receptors act as gates and cannabidiol or CBD opens these gates. Gemstones have been used for their healing properties for as long as there have been humans. Each type of gem has a unique healing vibration and this vibration begins at the atomic level. Flowers, leaves, herbs and bark have also been used since time immemorial to promote healing, health and wellness. Terpene is the scientific name for the essential oils found in plants. These are what generate the scent unique to each plant. Different terpenes
(flowers, herbs etc.) target, that is travel to, different areas in the body. CBD opens the receptors for that targeted area and
the atomic vibration of the particular gemstone used in the rollerball is carried there also. Hence our name is “Triple

Click here for Triple Essence descriptions with gemstone, oils and meanings.

Use the rollerballs on your wrists, neck, abdomen and bottom of feet.


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